Netflix’s new afterlife series ‘Surviving Death’ is Crackpot nonsense

Sliving dead is an investigation into the existence of life after death, and as Ghost adventures, Ghost hunters, Dead files and the rest of the paranormal TV pack, its evidence is pseudo-scientific, anecdotal, and / or utterly whimsical in nature. Over the course of its six episodes, Ricki Stern’s non-fiction investigation (airing January 6 on Netflix) examines the possibility that we may continue – in one form or another – after our physical bodies have expired. And if you believe the verifiable proof of ghosts, spirit world, and reincarnation can be found in a random episode of a Netflix documentary series, then have I got some top-notch Florida swamps for you to discuss.

Based on Leslie Kean’s 2017 book of the same name – and frequently featuring Kean herself as a guide to some of the unconvincing psychics highlighted throughout the period –Survive death begins by addressing the issue of near death experiences (NDEs) through the story of orthopedic surgeon Mary Neal, who, during a 1999 kayaking trip to Chile, found herself trapped under oxygen-free water during 30 minutes. During this ordeal, she felt her spirit detach from her body and travel to a flowery and brightly colored “paradise” where time and space moved, and strange beings embraced her and informed her that her son would die in the near future. Somehow, Neal survived this accident. And since his son finally passed away (although two years later he was told he would), and many others are reporting comparable near-death experiences – defined by the light of a ” warm hug ‘and visits from loved ones gone – we’re led to believe that the afterlife is real.

The fact that people report having similar NDEs is similar to the fact that elderly hospice patients often report seeing and talking to their deceased parents. Alas, Survive death ignores any non-supernatural explanation for these phenomena – for example, that cultural programming inspires like-minded deathbed visions, or that elderly men and women whose spirits deteriorate and who have lost all that they cherish, might naturally retreat into a heartwarming family reunion fantasies. For the series, anyone who does not accept these spiritual concepts and experiences is a “skeptic” motivated by “pride and arrogance”. He assumes a perspective in which the veracity of his claims is the norm, and those who view them with suspicion are closed-minded cynics.

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