Nevada voters face ballot issues during tally

(November 6, 2020) Democrat Joe Biden nearly doubled his lead over President Donald Trump in Nevada as officials released more election results on Friday. Biden led by 626,211 votes against Trump’s 605,669 votes, bringing his lead to 20,542. A day earlier, Biden led by 11,438 votes. Nevada has six Electoral College votes and could be decisive as Biden nears the 270 needed to win the White House. It is too early to organize the competition, the votes are still being counted. The results of about 30,000 postal ballots were released on Friday. No Republican presidential candidate has carried Nevada since 2004, but it has remained a battleground. Trump narrowly lost the state in 2016. Clark County’s top electoral official said the emphasis was on accuracy over speed and the large number of mail-in ballots was new and makes the skinning process longer than normal. Clerk Joe Gloria says in addition to Friday’s results, officials still have to process around 63,000 mail-in ballots and around 60,000 provisional ballots, many of which were cast by people taking advantage of a new law allowing voters to register or update their registration for the polls. Gloria said most of the mail-in ballots should be counted by Saturday or Sunday. The state sent ballots to all registered voters active this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, a move that the Trump campaign had previously challenged, saying it would lead to fraud. Some Las Vegas-area voters lined up outside the Clark County polling center on Friday to resolve issues with ballots that had been designated as provisional. The last voters in the Las Vegas area cast their ballots shortly after 9 p.m. Tuesday after a court order kept 30 polling stations open later in the larger Nevada county, where some polling stations had delayed opening. Learn more about AP Archive: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Tumblr: Instagram: You can license this story through AP Archive :.

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