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Fox News reported on Saturday that a Nevada whistleblower swore an affidavit stating that he witnessed improper treatment of ballots as an election worker.

Specifically, the whistleblower claimed to have been instructed to count ballots requiring signature verification that did not have the required signatures to be eligible.

John Roberts of Fox News said:

In the last hour in Nevada, an election worker whose job it was to process the mail-in ballots said he had witnessed irregularities in the counting of those ballots and that a supervisor – that he names – told him to submit the ballots that he believed necessary for signature verification without it. check first performed.

He says he was also told to ignore address discrepancies. This worker swore an affidavit that was sent to the Department of Justice here in Washington. A lawyer for the Trump campaign said, “The affidavit makes it clear that we are not dealing with oversights or neglect. It was intentional criminal conduct. “

The Nevada Republican Party said it has received thousands of complaints about the Nevada general election. He also said thousands of ballots had been processed “without significant observation” by Republican observers.

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