Never Forget the Details of Trump’s Homestretch Meltdown Epic

Forget about Russiagate. Forget about the Muslim ban. Forget Charlottesville. Forget Hurricane Maria. Forget about attacking our allies and embracing dictators. Forget about environmental protections. Forget about children in cages. Forget Putin in Helsinki. Forget about racism and sexism, stories of abuse and tax evasion. Forget obstructing justice and impeachment. Forget even the leadership failure that initially caused the COVID crisis and its economic aftershocks.

In fact, forget about the first 44 months of the Trump presidency. As bad as they were, the worst in the history of the U.S. Presidency, you don’t need them to argue that Trump must be defeated on November 3. .

We’ve never seen anything like it before – the staggering abuse, the shocking revelations, the bad criminal judgment, the outrageous behavior, the lies followed by more lies, and the manifest unfitness for the presidency associated with Donald Trump since September. Trump’s closing arguments all seem to be against… Trump.

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