New government campaign will urge people – including those vaccinated – not to hug – skeptics locked in

The government is planning a new social media poster campaign that will people – including those who have been vaccinated against Covid – not to cuddle. A source said the message will be: If you “ your grandchildren, you risk infecting the people you love.” the Telegraph has history.

Vaccinated will be urged not to embrace each other in a new government campaign that comes amid fears people are more likely to ignore social distancing rules once they’ve been trapped.

The Cabinet Office is preparing a social media poster campaign that will people who have been vaccinated against Covid to obey the rules while they are relaxed to allow for more social contact.

“The message will be aimed at people who have been vaccinated to prevent them from going off-road and the regulations, and especially older people who have had two strokes,” said a senior source.

“It will be in the sense that it’s great that you have been vaccinated, but if you are going to visit your family and hug your grandchildren, there is a chance that you will infect the people you love.”

A similar campaign was waged during the lockdown, in which vaccinated people were urged to stay in their homes to save lives.

The posters, featuring older , warned they could still transmit the virus even after receiving a blow. “There is always a risk of the coronavirus spreading, even after being vaccinated,” they said.

The government is concerned that people who have received the vaccine think they are safe from Covid.

It follows ONS research which found nearly half of all older people vaccinated against Covid in England were breaking lockdown rules.

The researchers found that compliance with the coronavirus restrictions started to decline after the initial injection, with 41% of respondents saying they broke the rules when meeting someone inside.

Perhaps Bob’s cartoons can serve as an antidote to this campaign!

the Telegraphs report is worth reading in its entirety.

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