New Hampshire Governor to Sign Voting Machine Audit Bill

An audit of the voting machine is coming!

On April 8, the New Hampshire Senate passed a bill to mandate an audit of election results in Windham, New Hampshire.

All that’s left for the audit to take place is a signature from the governor.

At a , New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (right) says he will sign the bill.

The Washington Examiner :

The governor of New Hampshire on Thursday announced plans to sign a bill allowing an audit of voting machines used in the city of Windham for the 2020 election.

Gov. Chris Sununu said he supported the bill, which aims to address the counting discrepancies, at a Thursday.

“I think they designed the bill very well,” he said. “And I fully intend to sign it and move this forward as soon as possible.”

A manual recount in Windham found the machines bypassed each Republican candidate 6% of their total votes.

Each GOP candidate lost nearly 300 votes.

Republicans toppled the New Hampshire House and Senate in the 2020 election – but somehow Donald Trump lost the state.

Earlier, witnesses told Gateway Pundit what had happened in Windham:

Windham, New Hampshire election witnesses discuss voting machine scandal with Gateway Pundit and 100% tired (VIDEO)

The truth is coming!

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