‘New Standard’ Comes – Singapore Airlines Launches COVID-19 ‘Digital Health Passport’ for Passengers – Dateway

As the world stumbles into 2021 in a few days, life as we know it will never be normal again, referencing the good old days of the pre-pandemic.

For months, readers may have heard us discussing “COVID passports”, “immunity passports” or at least talking about the subject of those who do not get tested for COVID-19 or who will be vaccinated facing travel restrictions.

Well, from conspiracy theory to conspiracy fact, Singapore Airlines this week is the first major carrier to introduce a digital health certificate to verify passenger testing history and vaccination status.

On December 23, the new digital health check process was rolled out for passengers traveling on carrier-operated flights from Jakarta or Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, according to a press release from Singapore Airlines.

The airline explains that passengers will take COVID-19 tests at local clinics in Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur and receive “digital or paper health certificates with a QR code.” These forms of immunity passes will be verified by airport security and the Singapore Immigration Authority.

“It’s a faster and more secure way to validate a passenger’s health information than existing protocols, speeding up both the check-in process at the airport and the immigration entry process at the airport. Singapore. This would allow SIA customers to more easily control their information, reduce friction during their journey, and create a more seamless experience with the using digital technologies in the new normalThe airline said.

JoAnn Tan, Acting Senior Vice President of Marketing Planning, Singapore Airlines, said the deployment of immunity passports “will be an integral part of air travel for the foreseeable future”.

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In October, passengers traveling from London Heathrow Airport to Newark on a United Airlines flight were part of a pilot program to test passengers for the virus.

Just a few weeks ago, Lance Gokongwei, Chairman and CEO of Cebu Pacific, the Philippines’ largest budget airline, announced health passports would be “essential” for travel.

In the period of April and May, the mayor of the French city of Nice and Bill Gates has been among the most prominent voices on health passports.

Even after the virus pandemic ends, these health passports will stick around and could prove that a traveler has been vaccinated – not just for COVID-19, but for any other illness.

This is just another example of elites stepping up their control and surveillance over the masses.

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