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New technology used in stores in Thailand and other countries to enforce coronavirus restrictions is performing a facial scan to check if the customer is wearing a mask and refusing entry if they don’t.

“My local stores in Thailand. In 2 seconds scan my temperature and to see if I am wearing a mask. The doors don’t open otherwise. 3 cases in over 100 days here. Also removes annoying mask arguments for staff, ”tweeted Niall Harbison.

The system looks like something you would see in airport security. The customer walks to a screen that displays the words “Face Detector”. The system then scans to see if the client is wearing a mask before allowing them to pass through a barrier.

Many respondents to the Twitter thread supported the idea, but others warned that it was another example of how people are being forced to accept the “new normal.”

“I wish people would stop defending and normalizing this nonsense,” one user commented. “We will never get back to normal in 2019 if we continue on this path. A global overreaction of epic proportions – we were totally played by the Chinese on this one. I bet they can’t believe it themselves.

Another respondent pointed out that a similar system was also used in Scotland.


As the world increasingly moves towards a Chinese-style social credit scoring system, it is possible that in the long term, technology will be used beyond masks to deny entry to people whose faces were entered into a database.

It could also be used to enforce a myriad of other restrictions, such as forcing people to face a scan before using the internet (already introduced in China) and denying access if their social credit rating has dropped.

China has already combined its COVID-19 tracking and tracing system with the communist country’s social credit rating program.

In August 2019, the Communist state boasted that it had prevented 2.5 million “discredited entities” from buying plane tickets and 90,000 people from buying high-speed train tickets for the only month of July.


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