New York liberals bomb ‘Jews for Trump’ trailer – Rudy Giuliani attacked – Dateway

A caravan of pro-Trump Jewish New Yorkers who took to the streets on Sunday to show their support for the president faced violence from the unleashed liberals.

The Jewish For Trump group drove its vehicles from Brooklyn to Times Square in Manhattan to rally in support of Trump.

Once the group arrived in Times Square, the trailer vehicles were pelted with eggs, water bottles, rocks and more.

Footage shows a Trump supporter getting out of his vehicle and fighting with a person who allegedly threw red paint on his car.

Multiple physical confrontations left people with bloodied noses and a man was taken on a stretcher.

Several arrests were made for crimes such as assault, disorderly conduct, harassment, etc.

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Footage of trailer members crossing under the Prospect Expressway shows anti-Trump individuals throwing heavy stones at vehicles from above.

CBS New York reports that Trump’s attorney and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani was in a vehicle that was hit with eggs and stones.

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