New York Times article claims Trump deliberately inserts typos in his tweets as a secret ‘code’ for his followers – Dateway

A New York Times opinion piece claims that President Trump deliberately inserts typos into his tweets in order to send a secret “code” to his followers.

Remind me, who are the conspiracy theorists again?

“One of Trump’s tweets appeared to contain a typo. In fact, it was probably code for its most extreme supporters, ”the NYT tweeted, with a link to Emily Dreyfuss’s article.

The article claims that Trump’s mistakes in his tweets are “strategic” dog whistles to his “network of right-wing agents and activists.”

Only your patronage to our store is what keeps this beacon of truth lit in narrative controlled darkness.

Specifically, it suggests that Trump is deliberately misspelling words and hashtags in order to circumvent increasingly draconian Twitter censorship, including in stories related to the “ Biden crime family. ”

So even if it is, not really a secret “code”.

Respondents responded by pointing to the irony of a publication like the NY Times engaging in such baseless conspiracy theories while accusing Trump supporters of doing the same.

“Goodness. The material is MAnon (Media Anon). You might as well laugh at the so-called conspiracy theories,” one remarked.

“I mean how the hell can this be an article… I thought it would be something @TheBabylonBee would post,” added another.

“Once a serious newspaper,” said another.



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