New York to give illegal workers who lost their jobs during pandemic one-time payments of $ 15,600 – Dateway

Slipped into New York’s $ 217 billion deal, a $ 2.1 billion aid fund will give many illegal immigrants one-time payments of $ 15,600.

Designated as an “excluded workers” fund, the is supposed to help illegal immigrants who may not have been able to obtain federal and state benefits such as unemployment insurance or stimulus checks.

Specifically, undocumented workers who lost their jobs and were unemployed during the pandemic will be eligible for payments.

It is estimated that 275,000 people are eligible for funded documents.

It comes as American citizens struggling due to the tyrannical government’s COVID warrants are thrown away meager checks for $ 1,400 every now and then.

Democrats in the New York Senate eventually bowed to a group of activists after staging a 23-day hunger strike in an attempt to get government help from illegal workers.

Democratic Senator Jessica Ramos of Queens, who sponsored the policy, said: “The reality is we can show that the excluded workers fund is going to bring millions of dollars to key communities. As a senator, when I am really concerned about things, I look at anyone, especially when it affects my community.

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Look for more states run by Democrats to follow New York’s lead in handing out to illegal immigrants, and maybe even the Biden administration doing the same at the federal level.

Owen reacts to footage of what appears to be a pregnant preteen immigrant at the border.

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