Newsmax anchor John Bachman finally bursts bubble, says President-elect Joe Biden

Newsmax has been making waves in recent weeks by promoting election denial and categorically refusing to recognize Joe Biden’s presidential victory, taking a bite out of Fox News’ conservative audience in the process.

But that changed a bit on afternoon when presenter John Bachman broke the bad news to the network’s ultra-MAGA audiences, calling Biden the president-elect.

“The electoral college votes are cast today,” Bachman reported. “Here is a video of four states, New York, New Hampshire, Arizona and Illinois, which certify the election of President-elect Joe Biden.”

The anchor explained that the upcoming Senate second-round races in Georgia would decide on congressional control, noting that if Democrats control the Senate, the Conservatives might not fulfill their wish regarding inquiries like the one investigating the son of Biden.

“But what about Hunter Biden’s role in all of this? And will anyone ask serious questions about the former vice president and future president-elect, ”the Newsmax presenter asked aloud.

As members of the Electoral College gathered in state capitals across the country on to vote for president and vice president, the formality of Biden’s decisive election victory may have become too big a reality for even Newsmax to take. ignore it. (This especially became the case after President Donald Trump’s last-ditch effort to overturn the election – a lawsuit in Texas to reject four-state votes – was flatly rejected by the Court.)

After the majority of the media, including rival Fox News, called Biden’s election on Nov. 7, Newsmax was keen to publicly refuse to project the former vice president as the winner. (An odd boast since the brand new cable operation doesn’t have a decision-making office to do screenings in the first place.)

Attracting Trump fans furious at Fox News’ screening of Arizona for Biden and his eventual call for him to be the next president, Newsmax saw exponential growth in its post-election audience by embracing the allegations President’s baseless widespread electoral fraud and feed MAGA viewers promises that the election can and will be overturned.

As recently as last week, Greg Kelly, the network’s top-rated pro-Trump host, still expressed confidence that the president’s were “coming together” and “living and doing well” , despite the rejection of almost all legal challenges. . After the Court dismissed the Texas lawsuit, Kelly (a former Fox News host himself) insisted “it’s not over” while raging against Trump’s SCOTUS choices to not have resumed “our” trial.

Kelly has repeatedly said he wouldn’t call Biden the “president-elect,” and continued to deny the reality on , saying the title could not be established until January.

“United States Constitution, Article II Sec 1: The” President-elect “IS NOT ESTABLISHED TODAY, but when the votes are” counted “by the” President of the Senate “, which does not happen until JANUARY , ” he raged on Twitter. “Then, ‘The Person with the most votes WILL BE the President.’ LAW vs MEDIA? The law wins! “

In an article published on its digital site on Sunday, Newsmax hinted that it would step away from its vow not to recognize Biden as president-elect once his electoral victory is officially declared.

“Newsmax and many other critics of the election results will accept the Electoral College statement of the newly elected president,” the unsigned article said. “Nonetheless, Newsmax plans to continue covering Trump’s challenges regarding the results and any new evidence of voting irregularities.”

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