Nicolle Wallace destroys Peggy Noonan on Kamala Harris Jab, says ‘that sounded bitch’

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace tore up Tory columnist Peggy Noonan for calling Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris “embarrassing” for dancing during the election campaign, saying she thought Noonan was “Bitchy” and “deaf to tone”.

Noonan, former speechwriter and assistant to President Ronald Reagan, sparked backlash over the weekend for her the Wall Street newspaper An editorial that scornfully aimed at Harris, who is seeking to become the black first vice president.

“She’s the youngest candidate to vote for the youngest, and she goes for a Happy Warrior vibe, but she seems insignificant, frivolous,” Noonan wrote. “When she started dancing in the rain on stage in Jacksonville, Fla., To Mary J. Blige’s ‘Work That’, it was embarrassing.

Wallace, meanwhile, didn’t mince words on Monday’s show of Deadline: White House, wondering if “right-wing Twitter could handle” his upcoming comments on Noonan while preemptively giving them “a second to prepare their tweets” to respond.

“When you’re a white woman and you’re a Republican, and there’s just certain things culturally that you don’t know that Jack beeps and you should keep your mouth shut on other people dancing,” former George W. Bush White Said the director of communications for the house.

“And what’s that phrase about dancing to a drum beat,” she continued. “That, for me, was deaf, it was mean, it was personal and it was bitchy!”

MSNBC political analyst Claire McCaskill, a former Democratic senator, agreed with Wallace, adding that she “was going to take a deep breath” and “try to stay calm” before offering her reaction to the column. Noonan.

“I’m never more disappointed with a woman I thought I admired in my life,” McCaskill boiled. “She said at the end of that, you didn’t read the very last part of that paragraph, Nicolle, because she said it was ’embarrassing’. No, Peggy, I’ll tell you what’s embarrassing.

Wallace, meanwhile, stepped in to tell her viewers that she hadn’t read that part aloud “on purpose”.

McCaskill went on to list a number of President Donald Trump’s personal and political scandals, such as the use of silent money to silence mistresses, in order to characterize Trump as much more embarrassing than Harris.

“And yes, even a president who doesn’t know how to dance, doesn’t know how to show joy or empathy and tries to do some kind of ridiculous arm push towards the ‘YMCA’,” she added, saying reference to a new feature of Trump’s campaign rallies. . “That’s what’s embarrassing. Kamala Harris is anything but embarrassing. It is uplifting. She is inspiring. She’s strong and substantial and she’s going to be a hell of a vice-president.

Wallace applauded McCaskill at the end, telling the former Missouri lawmaker, “I never loved you again.

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