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According to Nieman Journalism Lab, a left-wing think tank that tells reporters what to do, news outlets should “dispel crime” to fight racism.

From Nieman Journalism Lab, “Defund the crime beat”:

Let’s be honest: the crime coverage is terrible.

It’s a racist, classist, fear-based clickbait that masquerades as journalism. This creates lasting harm for the communities that newsrooms are meant to serve. And since he so rarely meets the needs of the public, he’s hardly ever newsworthy, despite what Gary Grizzled says in his coffee-stained shirt from his perch at the copy desk.

This should be the year when we finally do away with crime.Study after study shows how the media’s excessive emphasis on crime makes people feel less secure than they really are and negatively shapes public policy around the criminal-legal system. And study after study shows it’s racist and inhumane.

While the crime coverage does not serve the public, it does serve three powerful groups: white supremacy, law enforcement and newsrooms. – in particular the results of a newsroom.

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Indeed, it is not for the public to let them know what is going on around them.

San Francisco Police Chief William Scott announced earlier this year that he would ban the publication of most of the perps’ photos because “research” suggests they create an “illusory correlation” associating ” black and brown men ”with criminal behavior.

Gannett and other media conglomerates have also announced that they will stop posting mug photos for the same reason.

What the public desperately needs is cutting edge journalism that everything is racist!

Thanks, Nieman Journalism Lab!

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