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MD Governor Hogan (MD as in Maryland, not doctor) says there is “no constitutional right” for Americans NOT to wear a mask.

Not only is the governor practicing unlicensed medicine to prescribe ineffective sheet masks, but he is also guilty of professional misconduct. This REPUBLICAN governor managed in a single declaration to show his total contempt for both the Constitutional Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.

There are several basic lies that politicians from both parties tell you about the Constitution and your God-given human rights:

Everything is forbidden unless expressly authorized.
Rights come from government as “privileges”, not endowed by our Creator.
Regulatory declarations by bureaucrats rule the day.
The government can prohibit or prescribe anything if the “intention” is to protect us.

ALL FORBIDDEN. This turns the 9th and 10th amendments upside down and upside down. The federal government has only the SPECIFIC AND LISTED powers conferred on it by the Constitution – and not broad general areas such as “general welfare”. Therefore, everything is prohibited in the government unless it is expressly authorized and specifically listed.

THE CONSTITUTION DOES NOT GIVE US ANY RIGHTS. Neither the Constitution nor the government gives us any rights. The American conception of rights which underlies the Constitution was set out in the Declaration of Independence. The protection of free speech by the First Amendment is a PROHIBITION on government interference with this God-given human right.

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THE RULES OF THE BUREAUCRATE ARE NOT THE LAW. For decades, Congress abdicated its legislative power (and duty) to legislate to the bureaucrats who write the rules. This “legislation without representation” has the power to deprive you of your life, liberty and property. They claim that their rules are not laws to deprive you of your presumption of innocence, your due process rights, and your protection from excessive penalties or fines. This legal prevarication was the foundation of the United Nations War on Drugs and before that, the enforcement powers of the IRS.

SECURITY OVER FREEDOM. The current lockdown and COVID warrants are the culmination of decades of nanny state dictates that destroy freedom in the name of security. Gov. Hogan even refers to what he thinks gives him a legal precedent to impose masks – “seat belts and ban on drunk driving”

As David Knight commented on the 11/25/20 show:

“Don’t you have the constitutional right to drive while intoxicated?” Don’t you have the constitutional right not to wear a seat belt? Now, wait, wait a minute. What is the difference between these two things? If you drive while intoxicated, you are a threat to others. you engage in dangerous and reckless behavior. It’s a bit like using your Second Amendment rights and recklessly waving a gun at people in a crowd, right? It’s like an assault.

“It’s a very different thing than not wearing your seat belt – YOUR seat belt. If you are not wearing your seat belt, it does not affect anyone other than you. It is nobody’s business.

But what about the legality of mask warrants? Can the federal government impose masks or vaccines or ANY other health measure? Not without violating the 9th and 10th amendments.

Remember the legal prevarication of SCOTUS John Roberts in endorsing Obamacare. The government couldn’t make you have health insurance, so they pretended it was a tax. Likewise, the 115-year-old SCOTUS decision regarding vaccination warrants, Jacobson v Massachusetts, did not compel Jacobson to take the vaccine but did make him pay the fine.

To create a legal argument to compel mask use, the government pointed to the beehive mentality that “YOUR mask does not protect you, it only protects others.” Ignoring the effectiveness of sheet masks, the underlying assumption is that YOU are sick and others should be protected from YOU. Therefore, the mask’s warrant treats you as sick and contagious without the due process of a medical examination, in the same way that the lockdown and travel restrictions are quarantine measures taken against all people regardless of their condition. health. Due process is denied and restrictions are pre-restraint.

Gov Hogan (right) also wants to direct the use of police force against those who violate arbitrary orders he or “public health” bureaucrats issue.

“So he also set up ‘high visibility compliance units’, also known as cops, to operate a 24/7 phone line and email address. He opens the snitch lines. . He’s going to prowl them around for curfew. And it’s a Maryland. Look at the crime in Baltimore. Delivery services are hijacked left and right, this guy harasses the middle class with face masks – law-abiding citizens trying to work trying to live their lives. It’s not about protecting people. If the government worked properly, the Baltimore Police and the Maryland government would do something to tackle crime in Baltimore, one of the worst crime zones in the country. Instead, they will harass the people who are trying to live their lives. In the name of security. Of course, we are not going to do anything to stop the people who are doing the shootings and the robberies. No, no, no, we wouldn’t care about that kind of security.

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