No, reporters, don’t bite on Rudy’s ‘pile of bullshit’ about Hunter Biden’s laptop

Here is a question for you. You live in Los Angeles. You have a laptop that hurts; needs some work. Do you:

A) Find a computer repair shop in your neighborhood via Google or whatever and take it there; B) Return it to the manufacturer; C) You say, “Oh, I know, I think I’m going to go to Wilmington, Delaware, and take it to a legally blind computer repairman, because, obviously, who wouldn’t do that?”

Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani, not yet charged, and Steve Bannon, already charged with allegedly defrauding loyal Trumpies, want you to believe that Hunter Biden chose option C. New Yorker profile of him who ran in 2019, which Hunter moved to Los Angeles in “early 2018” (to “disappear completely,” he told the magazine). Last week the New York Post and other right-wing outlets have claimed he handed over the now famous laptop to a Delaware repairman in April 2019.

Oh really? He lived in Los Angeles, where I’d bet there are probably a few computer repair shops, but decided to drive across the country to hand over his machine – to a blind man, no less?

If this sounds fishy, ​​there’s a reason. It’s because it is. It’s possible that Hunter Biden flew from Los Angeles to Philly, hopped an Amtrak in Wilmington, along the way, conveniently affixing a Beau Biden Foundation sticker to his computer, to make sure he handed it to a man who is not only legally blind, but is also seriously right-wing and follows the news enough that he knows the name of Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer, a name that even I probably couldn’t have told you before. last week.

Yes it’s possible! But here is something else that is possible. It’s also possible that the laptop came from Russia, and a Russian stooge investigated the situation and set up shop at a computer repairer in Joe Biden’s hometown, whose condition is perfect because if he is legally blind, how could he identify who deposited the thing, and the “emails” are fake and the whole transaction is fake, and Rudy Giuliani was not played by smart Russians, did not been played at all but purposely played himself, because the man who once pursued thugs has become one.

Rudy’s story of how the laptop ended up in that Delaware repair shop has already changed many times. And, as noted by my colleague Allison Quinn, Andrii Derkach, the Ukrainian lawmaker who has been helping Rudy dig the earth there for years and whom the US Treasury Department considers an “active Russian agent,” says there is a second laptop, which “would mean the private computer content purportedly connected to Hunter Biden has somehow found its way into the hands of three separate parties: a media empire controlled by a Chinese billionaire who is close to Steve Bannon ; a random Delaware store owner who openly supports Trump; and Derkach, a Ukrainian conspiracy-theory peddler who studied at the FSB Academy in Moscow. Rudy himself told the Beast over the weekend that all of this worry about a proposed foreign election interference is a “bunch of bullshit,” and that “the chance that Derkach is a Russian spy is no better than 50/50 ”. So the. Reassured ?!

We’re two weeks away now, and we’re going to see things in the next two weeks that we’ve never seen. Trump is late. He knows he’s losing. And he knows, as I and others have written, that besides keeping him in power, which is good, because he can fly Air Force One for a few more years and Melania can fuck four more Christmases. , winning is also his best insurance against indictment and incarceration for tax evasion (at least).

He knows it. And Rudy knows it. The desperation is overwhelming. And nothing they tried on Joe Biden got stuck. So they’ve identified what they think is the Achilles’ heel in the troubled son, and the next two weeks are going to be filled with sick, twisted lies about Hunter Biden.

I don’t even want to mention things; don’t want to give him oxygen. If you’ve watched the very respectable Maria Bartiromo on Fox Sunday morning, you know what I’m talking about. And his guest Ron Johnson. An American senator, sitting there on national television, trafficking gossip that can absolutely destroy a human being’s reputation and even take away their freedom. Johnson clearly stole the Dumbest Senator Trophy from Chuck Grassley, who proudly held it for years, but worse than that he is one of the most ashamed human beings to be a Senator since the place was filled with malicious racists.

Meanwhile, a few hundred more Americans are dying every day because these incompetent, denialist monsters can only think about politics and how they look. This Washington post the article published Monday morning is a must read. The man leading the nation’s pandemic response, Scott Atlas, tweeted over the weekend that masks are not working. You read correctly. The man who is leading the nation’s pandemic response tweeted over the weekend that masks are not working. Twitter pulled it off.

Trump recruited Atlas from Fox News. The Murdoch Empire was a bane for decades, but now it has turned into something much worse. You may have seen the New York Times report published on Sunday evening that the journalist New York Post who wrote this infamous Biden story refused to let them put his name on it because he knew it was a bunch of lies. Rudy told the Time that he allegedly donated the hardware from Hunter’s laptop to New York Post because “no one else would take it, or if they did take it they would spend all their time trying to contradict it before publishing it”.

the Publish and Fox will continue to push these lies. The question is whether they can deceive people. They can pass off lies as “journalism”. But what will real journalists do? It was sickening in 2016 the way legitimate news outlets disseminated Wikileaks-Assange information day after day in October. The mainstream media, and James Comey, and that asshat Anthony Weiner, helped elect Trump.

Weiner is fortunately erased from our collective hard drive. Comey seems to have learned his lesson, although it certainly wouldn’t hurt if he spoke more directly over the past two weeks, especially as Trumpworld threatens to break up the FBI if the office doesn’t cooperate with the smuggling of calumnies. about Hunter Biden.

That leaves the press. Are we going to be guided by our noses by Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda media in the fateful final two weeks leading up to an election that could extinguish American democracy? Or will we stand up for what we always insist on our principles? (I’m proud to say, by the way, that the Beast is reporting on all of this, like Allison Quinn’s article above and the fantastic work by Jordan Howell and Erin Banco on the Computer Repairer, but a lot of others too have been stellar.)

We may never know the truth about “Hunter’s Laptop”. But we have the simple authority to tell people who sell smears: you offer evidence, otherwise we will not put what you say in the press. It’s not in Joe Biden’s tank. It is the job of a responsible press in a democracy.

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