No, Trump supporters did not ‘clash’ with police in DC – Dateway

The footage refutes another mainstream media account claiming that Trump supporters who typically “support the blue” rushed to a police line and clashed with law enforcement in Washington on Tuesday night.

One video viewed over 11 million times on Twitter alone was titled “Chaotic scene at BLM Plaza as police shock with Asset supporters try to rush the line.

Dozens of mainstream media, both conservative and liberal, covered the alleged clash, claiming that “Trump supporters are clashing with the police.”

However, the video shows that the chaotic scene really began when a fight broke out between two women and the police simply tried to break up the fight.

A black woman can be seen filming with her phone when a Trump supporter reaches out to grab the phone from her hand.

The woman filming responded by slapping the Trump supporter in the face.

After the scuffle, a group of guys escorted the woman who punched the pro-Trump lady to the police line.

As the police tried to figure out what was going on, another woman arrived and attempted to attack the black woman who was filming.

It was at this point that the police used their sledgehammer and the brawl showing “Trump supporters clashing with the police” was captured.

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