North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum Files Complaint to Fill Seat of COVID-19 Victim David Andahl

The death on the ballot in North Dakota won, and now the state governor has started a legal battle over who will appoint a replacement.

In a lawsuit filed this week, Gov. Doug Burgum is asking the North Dakota Supreme Court to assert his right to appoint whoever occupies the state House of Representatives seat won by David “Dakota Dave” Andahl, even though he died of COVID-19 a month before the election.

Burgum has said in court documents he is seeking an “immediate injunction” before the State Solicitation Council complicates matters by certifying the election.

Too bad he didn’t act with the same urgency to tackle the virus that killed Andahl in October while making South Dakota the hottest part of the country, with more new infections per capita than any other.

Burgum still has not imposed a mask warrant even as COVID-19 rages out of control. But he’s proven capable of acting at lightning speed when seeking to preserve what appears to be a big-money political revenge plot.

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