Northern Idaho Internet Provider Keeps Up With Big Tech, Blocks Facebook, Twitter On Service For Some Customers

A northern Idaho internet provider is standing up to big tech giants and blocking Twitter and Facebook from its WiFi services for some customers due to “censorship.”

It comes after Big Tech purged President Trump and thousands of Tories from their platforms.

Amazon, Google and Apple have also collaborated to roll out Talk, the free speech alternative to Twitter.

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Your T1 WiFi has confirmed to KREM2 that it is blocking social media giants for customers requesting blocked sites for its services.

KREM 2 reported:

A northern Idaho Internet provider, Your T1 WIFI, has confirmed that it is blocking Facebook and Twitter from its WIFI service for some customers due to censorship claims.

The ISP said it received several calls from customers regarding the two websites.

“We have learned that Twitter and Facebook are engaged in censoring our customers and our information,” read an email to customers.

In the email, the company said that there were too many customers requesting that websites be blocked at any one time, so sites would be blocked for all customers except those who contacted the company and requested access.

“There are too many people who have asked us to make one [customer] both so we will block [Facebook and Twitter] and any other website that may also be censored (sic) whether by their algorithm that they use for their site or by any other means, ”the email read.

In an updated email sent on Monday, the provider said it will not block sites for customers who have not requested to be blocked.

“Our company does not believe that a website or social networking site has the power to censor what you see and post and hide information from you, prevent you from seeing what your friends and family are posting,” we read in the e-mail obtained by KREM. “Therefore, given the number of concerns, we have made the decision to prevent access to these two websites from our network.”

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