‘Not Trump’ may be enough for voters, but it won’t be for the left if Biden wins

If the polls are to be believed, Joe Biden is on the verge of being elected president. And if history is any indicator, Democrats will assume they have a mandate. Parties and movements that gain power almost always assume that the public approves of what they think they have sold. They usually don’t. Bill Clinton in 1993 and 1994 could be the poster child for this phenomenon, but it is a predictable trap of a winning campaign.

The worst disasters happen when people are elected (or re-elected) and try to implement policies that were not even challenged during elections, let alone decided. It is probably too strong. I’m sure “fixing social security” was in all of George W. Bush’s stupid speeches, I just don’t think it was on anyone’s mind in November 2004 (unless, maybe they worked at the Heritage Foundation).

This is where Democrats can be found. If Joe Biden is elected, it would be wrong to conclude anything other than the fact that Americans were fed up with Donald Trump. Indeed, Don’t be Donald Trump is the set of Biden purpose. But as a friend of mine recently said, not being Trump is a campaign promise Biden keeps on day one. So what?

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