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In an interview with the Iowa KCRG on Friday, former Democratic Vice President 2020 President Joe Biden said “there is nothing to nothing” about “defamation” stories on his son, Hunter’s laptop and “my son is an honorable man”.

KCRG anchor and editor Beth Malicki asked, “So what about Americans today who really just want me to ask you about Hunter Biden’s laptop, how are you going to make them understand that you are fighting for them, when they are you so opposed to you?

Biden replied, “By the way, there’s nothing in all of this, nothing in all of this. It’s quite a smear. All the great outfits, all the serious investigators pointed out that it was a smear. It’s classic Trump. We have four days left, and all of a sudden there’s a laptop. And you might remember, there was also talk, four months ago, of a similar thing that someone would’ve had. There is overwhelming evidence that – from the intelligence community, that the Russians are engaged. I mean, look, that’s – my son is an honorable man. And all the investigations that have been carried out into the question of what was going on in Ukraine, if you noticed, each of the main people who worked for Trump, during the impeachment, took an oath and said under oath: [Joe] Biden did his job. No law has been broken. … Hunter Biden didn’t break any law.

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