NXIVM Victims Confront Sex Sect Leader Keith Raniere During Sentencing

One of Keith Raniere’s victims slammed sex cult leader NXIVM in Brooklyn federal court on Tuesday afternoon, describing how he “hid his abuse behind concepts of worth and nobility.”

“But there is nothing noble about abusing a child,” said Camila, who was only identified in court by her first name, as Raniere looked away.

She is one of at least 15 former members of the NXIVM who are expected to denounce the group’s founder before his conviction for sex trafficking and electronic fraud.

Camila, who is said to have had sex with Raniere for more than 12 years – starting at the age of 15 – spoke for the first time about the abuse she suffered, explaining in court how the 60-year-old l isolated from friends and family for her “sexual gratification”.

She said her decision to speak was her way of “finding her voice” after years of “coming to terms with trauma and abuse.”

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