NY Times deputy Adam Rubenstein, who edited Tom Cotton column ‘Send in the Troops’, resigns

the New York Times The staff member who edited Senator Tom Cotton’s infamous “Send in the Troops” column resigned from the newspaper more than six months after it was published.

Adam Rubenstein, a young editorial assistant who previously worked at The weekly standard, was in the media spotlight last summer after the Times himself reported that he edited the famous June submission in which Cotton called on federal authorities to deploy U.S. troops to cities to quell protests against police brutality. The column sparked a staff-wide revolt and prompted the resignation of opinion editor James Bennet.

Rubenstein left the newspaper this week, The Daily Beast confirmed. Its release was announced – with little fanfare – in an internal Slack channel for Times members of staff Thursday. Neither Rubenstein nor the newspaper immediately responded to a request for comment.

Before his ouster, Bennet initially defended the column as crucial to the opinion page’s mission of showing readers “counter-arguments, especially those forward by those in a position to define .” He added at the time: “We understand that many readers find Senator Cotton’s argument painful, even dangerous. We believe this is one of the reasons it requires public scrutiny and debate. “

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