NYPD arrests Heshy Tischler, leader of violent protest against ultra-Orthodox COVID

The Trump-loving political fly who led ugly protests against new COVID-19 restrictions in an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood was arrested by the NYPD on Sunday night.

Harold “Heshy” Tischler will be charged with incitement to riot and unlawful imprisonment in connection with a mob attack on a journalist covering the protests last week, police said.

Tischler, an incendiary figure who uses social media to spread his anti-lockdown message, had boasted that he would enter the 66th arrondissement police station and surrender on Monday.

But on Sunday night, the New York Police Warrant Officer Squad showed up to his home to transport him. “Do you see what they’re doing?” he repeatedly yelled at a crowd of neighbors while he was handcuffed.

Tischler lives in Brooklyn’s Borough Park, one of the many communities that have experienced dangerous spikes in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks, which prompted Governor Andrew Cuomo to impose new restrictions.

During rowdy street protests, Tischler – who sported a Trump sticker on his shirt – oversaw a bonfire of masks, smeared the mayor’s wife with insults and told his crowd of supporters, “You are my soldiers! We are at war!

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