Obama Bullhorns 5 Biden supporters – Dateway

Former President Barack Obama was reduced to yelling at a handful of Biden supporters on a street corner.

Obama took to the 2020 campaign trail on Wednesday, attempting to garner support from his former vice president Joe Biden of the Philadelphia community.

In a hilarious clip from one of his speeches, Obama is seen using a megaphone to address perhaps a total of five Biden supporters and campaign workers.

“@BarackObama has lost his mojo,” one Twitter user noted.

The moment is a microcosm of Biden’s entire campaign, which, at this point, has not seen a significant turnout of supporters in the events, compared to the enthusiasm seen at President Donald Trump’s rallies. (Biden’s campaign would have the public believe this is due to respecting social distancing and proper safety precautions for COVID-19.)

The fact that Obama waited this long in the game to take on his former boyfriend’s trail – after waiting most of the election season to even endorse Biden – suggests Democrats have huge doubts about the former boy’s chances. vice president to win the election.

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President Trump has tweeted numerous facts surrounding Administrator Obama’s attempted coup against him.

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