Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt skips mask mandate in alleged COVID crackdown

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt again stopped imposing a statewide mask mandate on Monday, becoming the latest governor to put new restrictions in place – but not one that, according to experts, is crucial in slowing the spread of COVID-19.

The governors of Iowa, Nebraska and Idaho have also held press conferences in recent weeks to announce new measures in response to ever higher coronavirus cases, deaths and hospitalizations. But they have all refused to implement a general statewide mask mandate – an issue that has become needlessly politicized.

Stitt, a Republican, has resisted the statewide mask requirement for months, even after Trump’s White House coronavirus task force recommended the move earlier this year. With the state’s coronavirus situation worsening on Monday, the governor made a small concession, ordering all state employees to “wear a mask in common areas or when around people at work.” .

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