Oldest CIA agent says Russia likely targeted Trump decades ago

On August 18, the Senate Intelligence Committee released a 1,300-page report calling the involvement of Russian intelligence agents with officials in Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign as an “aggressive and multifaceted effort to influence, or attempt to ‘influence, the result of 2016. presidential election. “The report details the long-standing relationship between Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, and a Russian intelligence agent named Konstantin Kilimnik, while also describing other connections Russian intelligence figures with members of the Trump family including Donald Jr. and Jared Kushner, and with such Trump confidants as Roger Stone and Michael Flynn, briefly the President’s National Security Advisor.

Predictably, President Trump immediately denounced the report as “a hoax” (not to mention the fact that it was drafted by a Republican-controlled committee), while his entourage took their usual stance on these questions, either by remaining silent or by denouncing the committee. working like a tired retread from last year’s Mueller report. The real scandal, the president declaimed, was the deep state’s “witch hunt” against him that sparked these inquiries in the first place.

While this latest chapter in the four-year-old Russiagate drama is unlikely to change its mind, at least one person has considered the Senate findings with both great interest and concern. His name is Peter Sichel and, at 97, he is the last surviving member of the first CIA that faced the Soviets at the start of the Cold War.

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