Olympia police declare RIOT as person shot dead in Proud Boys and Antifa clashes in Washington state (VIDEOS) – Dateway

At least one person was injured in a shootout amid clashes between right-wing and left-wing groups on the Washington Capitol campus in Olympia. A suspected member of Proud Boys was arrested after police declared the fight to be a riot.

The incident took place at around 2 p.m. local time after hours of “Sporadic confrontations” between rivals, as a larger group of “Counter-demonstrators” seemed to have overwhelmed others and was pushing “Trump supporters” a way.

Patriots marched and spoke at the Stop the Steal rally in Washington DC. Knowing this after the betrayal of the Supreme Court ruling which clearly ignored our constitutional republic.

Several witnesses shared videos in which a gunshot could be heard, and police arrested a suspect suspected of being a member of the right-wing Proud Boys, although authorities have yet to confirm the identity of the shooter and the victim.

“There was a shootout on the Capitol campus. The suspect has been arrested. We have no status on the victim ”, The Washington State Patrol confirmed on Twitter.

The Olympia Police Department declared the rallies a riot and ordered the crowd to disperse, adding on Twitter that law enforcement was “Engage in a response to continued aggressive behavior” elsewhere in the city after the “The crowd split into small groups.”

Clashes between left and right groups have become somewhat of a tradition in Olympia, and last week resulted in a similar shootout.

Tensions this week in Washington state, as well as in DC, were fueled by Friday’s Supreme Court decision to shoot down a last-ditch effort by Texas and several other states to block results from multiple states swing where the president alleged electoral fraud. .

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