One in eight thinks coronavirus is hoax to usher in forced vaccinations

A Cambridge University survey found that one in eight people in Britain believe the coronavirus is a globalist designed to allow governments to introduce forced vaccinations.

The study, published in the journal Royal Society Open Science, also found that nearly one in five people will refuse to be vaccinated against Covid.

“Some misinformation claims are still considered reliable by a large portion of the public,” said Dr. Sander van der Linden, co-author of the study.

“We find a clear link between belief in coronavirus conspiracies and reluctance around any future vaccine,” van der Linden added.

WarpSpeed ​​vaccines use two approaches – mRNA and adenovirus – to “train” your body to “make” a vaccine. What could go wrong? They are in fact designed as a weapon and the BBC reports that the code names are “Ambush” and “Triumph”. Here’s the risk and the -industrial / complex that drives it to 5G.

The study “social media echo chambers,” saying people believe what they read on the internet.

The study also found that nearly 23% of people believe the virus escaped from a Chiense lab after being deliberately engineered.

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As we’ve documented, there is plenty of evidence to suggest this could have been the case, with scientists and virologists saying it needed to be investigated.

The study bundled this legitimate possibility with questions about 5G making people more susceptible to COVID and home treatments such as breathing hot air from a hairdryer.

In total, around 8% said they believed 5G weakened the immune system, and 7% believed that the hairdryer kills the virus.

The study also found that those with low digital literacy are more likely to believe in coronavirus’ misinformation ‘, and that improving people’s analytical skills could help them better determine what is’ fake . “.

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