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Our descent into collective madness – Dateway

These are crazy times.

A pandemic has led to a national quarantine; to self-induced recession; riots, arson and looting; in a contested election; and a riot at the United States Capitol.

In response, are we focusing only on increasing the daily vaccination rate? Put the country back to work? Open schools as the virus subsides? Ensuring safety on the streets?

Or are we descending into some kind of madness?

It might have been understandable that billions of dollars had to be borrowed to keep the economy stifling.

But it doesn’t make sense to keep borrowing $ 2 trillion a year to bootstrap an economy that is now poised to come back with herd-type immunity on the horizon.

Billions of dollars in stimulus are already kicking off the economy.


Feverish Americans in the cabins are ready to leave their homes to travel, dine and socialize like never before.

Meanwhile, the United States will have to start repaying nearly $ 30 trillion in debt. But we seem more determined to meet than reduce this astronomical obligation.

We are told that man-made global climate change – as in the now-abandoned term “global warming” – can best be addressed through massive upheavals in the US economy.

The Biden administration plans to shut down coal plants. It will even shut down new and nearly completed oil and gas pipelines. This will reduce fracking to embrace the multibillion dollar “Green New Deal”.

Americans should take a break and examine the total disaster that has recently unfolded in and around Texas.

Parts of the American Southwest have been covered in ice and snow for days. Nighttime temperatures have plummeted to near zero in some places.

The state, under pressure, was shifting from its virtually unlimited and inexpensive reservoirs of natural gas and other fossil fuels to wind and solar power generation.

But what happens to millions of Texans when wind turbines freeze over while storm clouds turn off solar power?

We are seeing the response in an oil and gas-rich, but energy-poor Texas that is virtually shut down.

Millions of people are shivering without electricity and affordable heating. Some may die or fall ill as a result of this self-inflicted catastrophe, fueled by man-made ideological rigidity.

Texas’ use of natural gas in power generation has helped the United States reduce its carbon emissions. Ignoring it for unreliable wind and solar alternatives was bound to have catastrophic consequences whenever a politically incorrect nature did not follow the scenario of global warming.

In 2019, a special advocate closed a 22-month, $ 35 million investigation into President Donald Trump’s alleged “collusion” with Russia in the 2016 election. Robert Mueller and his team searched long and hard for a crime and arrived empty.

Then Trump was impeached in December 2019 and acquitted in the Senate in early 2020. His alleged crime warned Ukrainians against racketeering in return for the Biden family.

After the revelations about Hunter Biden’s shenanigans not only in Ukraine but also in Kazakhstan and China, Trump’s warnings now seem more premonitory than infallible.

Trump had been threatened with resignation from his post under the 25th Amendment. He was accused of violating Logan’s Law and the emoluments clause of the Constitution. Its decrees were often declared unconstitutional, even seditious.

Predictably, not all of these opposition moves have received public or congressional support.

Finally, an exasperated left has decided to whip the presidential corpse of the now private citizen Trump. He did so without a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to oversee a Senate impeachment trial. The target president was no longer president.

There was no special prosecutor, little debate and even less cross-examination. In the end, the second indictment was dumber than the first. But, like the first, the show trial wasted precious time and resources in the midst of a pandemic.

But the height of our collective madness is the current culture of cancellation. Its sub-texts are “unearned white privilege” and “white supremacy”.

In the name of these abominations, crowds demolish statues, destroy quarries, censor speech, demand genuine oaths and provide training in re-education.

Stranger still, those who claim “white privilege” are themselves usually quite wealthy, liberal – and white. These elites rely on their incestuous networking, silver spoon education, and Tony degrees to leverage status, influence, and money in ways unimaginable by the white working class.

Well-off and privileged minorities are also joining the chorus in calling for everything from reparations to the “reprogramming” of Trump voters.

America’s most elite are the most likely to damn the privilege of those who lack it. Maybe this illogical places the psychological circle of feelings of guilt for things they never intend to give up.

If blaming those who have no perks does not satisfy the hapless liberal elite, then there is still a war against the dead-mutes: changing their eponymous names, destroying their statues, slandering their memories and denying their accomplishments.

The common denominator with all this nonsense? An ungracious and neurotic elite whose judgment is bankrupt and whose privilege is paid for by those who do not have it.

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