PA Senator Mastriano unveils joint resolution to allocate electoral votes to the Legislative Assembly, paving the way for Trump’s victory – Dateway

In episode 541 of Steve Bannon’s War Room, Senator Doug Mastriano announced that the Pennsylvania State Legislature would undertake to draft a joint resolution to take back the power to appoint presidential voters in a move that could potentially lead to success. the allocation of Pennsylvania electoral votes to President Donald Trump. .

Mastriano explained to Bannon that in 1938, the Pennsylvania General Assembly gave the Secretary of State the power to select Electoral College delegates. “Assuming the election is fair,” delegates “would naturally address that person.” He noted that if the elections were not fair, the state would cede power to “the same party that cheated.”

Bannon, shocked to hear the news, interrupted the senator, saying:

“Hang on, I think we’ve got some breaking news here. You say you’re going to get a joint resolution to move forward, and Republicans control the House and Senate, to move forward to take back the power of the Secretary of State and put him back in the Legislature of the ‘State to put voters first?

Mastriano replied, “That’s exactly what we’re going to do.”

The senator elaborated, noting that negative reactions will ensue and that the governor will ultimately disagree with the decision, including Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, who Mastriano said should have resigned “months ago. And that it “should never have been confirmed.” “

“There is so much evidence of shenanigans and frauds, and we cannot stand aside and watch it unfold around us here. You know it’s not about denying anyone the right to vote, it’s about making sure every legal vote counts and if there is a lot of shenanigans, it’s in the Assembly. general to intervene. So we have a fight in our hands, and we are going to fight, we are going to take this fight to the Supreme Court if we have to.

Mastriano tells Bannon that there are 50 “votes” in the Senate, of which 29 are “Republican or Independent caucuses with us.” He adds that “all we need, you know, is 16 in the Senate, really, to influence the leadership. The senator believes that Republicans in the state legislature are “motivating themselves” and “momentum” is building to move forward and do “the right thing.”

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“We cannot certify an election result that appears corrupt,” Mastriano said.

The move could be seen as yet another huge victory for the Trump campaign, as they continue to push Republicans in Pennsylvania, as well as other states, to act based on evidence of widespread voter fraud.

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