PACT Fair Trade Luxury Waffle-Knit Bath Towels Are Worth The Splurge

I have never really been too concerned with finding the “perfect” bath . Instead, I was more of the ‘Those who look good, I’ll add them to my cart’ mindset. This approach has left me with an assortment of mismatched hanging near my shower that I love, but don’t like. Over time, however, I realized that I searched for certain more often than others, and sometimes I would even be disappointed when none of the “good” ones were clean.

Trying to find joy in the little things these days I’ve had a light bulb moment. Why not make sure all the I owned were the “right ones” so that I would never again feel the uncomfortable itch of a below-average of cloth on my freshly cleaned body? So began my journey of slowly replacing unsatisfactory old with options that made me happy.

PACT waffle bath , available in eight shades, do the trick. But I was even more drawn to them because of their other qualities that set them apart from the mass of options available. In addition to being soft and quick-drying, they are made with durable 100% pure organic terry cloth and are produced in a fair trade factory. (This is true for all PACT derivatives, which makes me even more excited to support the company.)

They are more expensive than your average , but when you buy products that are made from high quality materials and those who make them are paid a fair wage, it is natural to spend a little more. If you want to save money, buy the Waffle Bath Set. It’s $ 120 and includes two bath , two hand , and two washcloths (a $ 184 value).

I plan to pick up a few more napkins to complement my existing collection, and I also plan to give gift to friends who are getting married or moving into new homes.

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