Parachute Soft Rib Towel Review

I’m firmly in two towel camps: I love a plush towel but I’m also a big fan of waffle knitting. One is soft, absorbent, and spa-like, while the other is lightweight, textured, quick-drying, and chic. There was no towel that had all of these characteristics, so I was stuck alternating between the two. And then, I had the opportunity to the new Soft Rib napkins from Parachute, and my two napkin identities merged into one.

Parachute Soft Rib towels are a perfect combination. Not only did Parachute succeed in making towels that were plush and soft to the touch, but they also nailed the texture and weight. I wish every piece of fabric in my house could be made from the soft ribbed material of Parachute. It’s softer than soft: imagine toweling yourself in your favorite cashmere sweater – and it dries you and doesn’t get damaged. The towels are 100% Turkish cotton and feature this interesting ribbed design: I’ll call it ultra-mini-waffle-knit; think of it a bit like corduroy that you want to dry off with. There’s enough texture to feel it’s there (and to look cool) but not so much that it gets in the way of the softness. That said, they dry faster than most towels, thanks to this design, and are lighter than other plush towels I’ve tried. In short, Parachute has managed to combine everything I love in a towel into one perfect version.

The towels are available in three colors from now: white, gray and a beautiful clay. And if you’re wondering, yes pretty much any material in your bathroom can be made from this fabric (I recommend it). Parachute also offers a soft ribbed dress, slippers and a bath mat.

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