Patients rely on ‘connections’ in Georgian mess of vaccine rollout

If you are a health worker in Georgia, you may have already received your vaccine.

If you’re someone else, chances are you’ve been looking for a shortcut.

“Our hospital has done a great job getting doctors and staff vaccinated,” said Dr. Adam Friedlander, an Atlanta-based emergency physician at a suburban hospital, who received his second dose on Jan.6. for really all the doctors I know. But the crazy thing is that every non-doctor I know who has been vaccinated has done so through a backdoor.

“These are all relationship stories, like ‘my neighbor is a nurse’ or ‘I took my grandmother, and they gave her one too’ or ‘I just went to the pharmacy every day for a week, and they gave us one, ”Friedlander said. “But I don’t know a single person who was able to get it through official channels. The appointments are completely filled. “

Friedlander’s experience reflects a grim reality for his condition: the official launch this week of COVID-19 vaccine doses for seniors and first responders in Georgia – it was previously available to nursing home residents and nursing homes. frontline health workers – hit a myriad of obstacles, frustration among civilians and finger-pointing at county, state and federal levels.

While this echoes a random and error-prone nationwide rollout, conversations with residents, doctors, and health officials have suggested the state is underestimating appetite for doses – and continues to catch up.

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