Patriot trailer essential to Trump’s battle against voter fraud – Dateway

President Trump is currently the figurehead of freedom on the planet. He cannot afford to concede. We the people must carry the fire of freedom into the future.

We are at war for the dominant ideology of the world order. Will it be an American philosophy of valuing freedom, or the mentality of slavery?

The Trump Caravan, initiated by Owen Shroyer and Infowars, is a response to attacks from an outside globalist force trying to steal the 2020 presidential election.

America faces a threat that goes beyond “normal” political debates.

An outside force is trying to overtake and destroy America as we know it.

The stolen presidential election woke a sleeping giant.

Globalists are betting on an Asian world order led by China. In an interview with the Mumbai Mirror, globalist planner Parag Khanna said that “technocratic governance”, “caution in free speech” and “self-censorship” will be part of the new system of values ​​of the Asian world order.

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Big Tech is fully invested in this future.

The traditional American ethos must be destroyed for the globalists to be successful.

We must maintain the American spirit into the future, even as we face dark times.

Alex Jones and Owen Shroyer chart the course of the Stop The Steal trailer – All updates available at

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