Pelosi appoints Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell to Intel committee again despite having sex with Chinese spy Fang Fang

Swalwell with Fang Fang Honey Jar

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday reappointed Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell to the Intel committee despite his relationship with Chinese spy and honeypot Fang Fang.

Fang Fang was a “consolidator” for Eric Swalwell and other Democratic , but the Chinese spy was also reported to have an intimate relationship with Swalwell.

In December, a source on Capitol Hill confirmed to the Federalist that Swalwell had indeed had sex with Fang Fang.

“A source on Capitol Hill today confirmed to the Federalist that Representative Eric Swalwell was having a sexual relationship with Chinese Communist spy Fang Fang. The FBI finally briefed congressional leaders today of the details of Fang Fang’s interactions with lawmakers on behalf of Communist China. -Via Federalist co-founder Sean Davis in December.

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Despite this Chinese spy scandal, Swalwell has been returned to the House Committee and has access to some of the country’s most confidential information.

Via the New York Post:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi confirmed on Friday that she was keeping Representative Eric Swalwell on the House Committee despite swirling questions about her relationship with Chinese spy Fang Fang, who wowed American politicians as part of his work.

Pelosi had previously reappointed his fellow California Democrat on the House Homeland Security Committee over Republican objections.

“The American people elected a Democratic majority in the House who would be relentless in our work to promote their security – both by defending their economic security here at home and our national security abroad,” Pelosi said in a statement. .

“Within the Committee, these members will be effective in ensuring the security of the American people, as we confront our nation’s adversaries, adapt to new threats, and work with our allies.”

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