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In a dramatic 216-209 vote, Nancy Pelosi secured her fourth term as President (which she promised would also be her last).

In order to ensure the victory narrower than expected, the reporter John Bresnehan highlighted this at least three members have broken COVID quarantine to attend the swearing-in ceremonies and the all-important presidential election on Sunday, and in addition to those three, as Matthew Boyle of Breitbart reports, Representative Gwen Moore (D-FL), attended the vote to support Pelosi after testing positive for the deadly virus just six days ago.

“3 members who are still in COVID quarantine will be allowed to launch one today, according to a statement from Brian Monohan. 2 Dems, 1 R. They will vote in a special area of ​​the Chamber gallery. This shows the stakes of the President’s vote today. The members were not named in the statement.

Rodney Davis, senior Republican on the House administration committee, is very upset by this “Popemobile” built in the gallery of the house for members in quarantine.

He says the “The only reason this is happening is that President Pelosi needs to be re-elected president.” “It is shameful.”

Davis says Monahan will not tell him who the quarantined members are but said they had negative tests.

“It’s horseshit. You can quote me on that.

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Senior GOP congressional official tore Pelosi apart, calling for decision to bring these coronavirus risks to the House only to secure a second term as president a “presidential election super-broadcast event”.

And so, as Congress returns to people’s business, there is first “gender neutrality” – the distribution of speech on the floor:

According to Pelosi, the changes to the House of Democrats’ rules will “honor all gender identities” by “changing pronouns and family relationships … to be non-sexist.”

Terms such as “father” and “mother” would be replaced by “parent”. “Brother” and “sister” would be eliminated in favor of “brother”. Under these rules, members of the House would be required to designate their “husband” or “wife” as their “spouse” or their son (s) and daughter (s) as child (ren).

Pelosi has yet to set any example to follow the rules she would demand of others.

This is his Twitter bio as of the writing of this article. Have you noticed any gender-specific terms?

Both “mother” and “grandmother” would be verboten under Pelosi’s new rules for the House.

Finally, as a reminder, before Pelosi was re-elected to the presidency in 2018, House Democrats and Pelosi agreed on term limits for the top three House Democratic leaders, which Pelosi agreed would prevent him from another run for the speaker in 2022, Roll Call reported.

How this illegitimate elected president Joe Biden tries to get into the Oval Office as Congress robs taxpayers of America. If this was another elected president, the media would be in a nurturing frenzy to get to the bottom of the monumental crime. Instead, they cover it up.

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