Pence’s choice got her between a creep and a tough place

Illustration photo by The Daily Beast / Getty Photos

Mike Pence wants our sympathy for the situation he finds himself in as he presides over the final stage of certification of the election that Joe Biden has unmistakably won. If he does what Donald Trump wants and rejects the Electoral College vote, he would destroy democracy in the United States and plunge the country into chaos not seen since the Civil War.

The US code will prevent Pence from succeeding – he’s officially there to open the envelopes and count the votes already certified – but that won’t stop him from trying. Over the weekend, he released a statement saying he “welcomed members’ efforts … to raise objections and present evidence.”

The point is, there has been no evidence of fraud unearthed in the past two months, despite Trump’s singular attention to finding any. Instead, the efforts upheld the safest ballot in history: counted, recounted, verified and survived 61 court challenges. The insurgents’ argument is dizzying, alleging that there are allegations of improprieties that need to be investigated because Trump alleged them and they angered his 74 million voters. They are asking for a 10-day verification of election returns in “contested states” whose voters they will reject until it is completed. This brings us dangerously close to the day of the inauguration.

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