Pennsylvania branch of Planned Parenthood rocked by allegations of racism

Racist comments from council members. Referring to undocumented immigrants as “illegals”. Don’t take complaints from staff seriously.

It may like living in a cumbersome, backlogged corporate office, but workers say it’s like it in a Planned Parenthood branch in Pennsylvania.

This week, all the staff at Planned Parenthood Advocates of Pennsylvania signed an open letter asking CEO Emily Callen to step down over allegations of racism and mismanagement. More than 900 other people, including several state lawmakers, signed the document, which accuses Callen of repeating racist stereotypes and of “symbolizing and rejecting” patients of color. But so far the board is standing with it.

“The history of white supremacy in this organization is pretty scary, but now we live in it. And that’s exactly what we’re up against, ”said Ky Ciccone, a Pittsburgh pitch organizer. “This organization has a lot of work to do, and we’re really, really fighting to get that work done.”

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