Pennsylvania County says it will not resume counting votes until Friday due to “administrative work” – Dateway

A county in Pennsylvania said it would not start counting more than 35,000 ballots until Friday because of the need to do “administrative work.”

“Allegheny County, Pa. Still has 35,413 uncounted mail-in ballots, but election workers are taking off today for ‘administrative work’ and will not resume counting until Friday. “I can’t know why,” says @bethanyhallam, county board member, ”The New York Times Trip Gabriel tweeted.

When Will Chamberlain attempted to his legal comment on the matter, Twitter censored Chamberlain’s tweet.

“They’re waiting to see how many mail-in ballots they’ll need,” he tweeted. “No other good explanation. This should be treated as of intent to commit electoral fraud.”

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The tweet was censored behind a post saying the content was “disputed.”

Chamberlain went on to say that the situation was a clear sign that “voter fraud” was taking place.

“The only good reason to take a day off to the votes in a hotly contested election – like Allegheny County does – is to hold back your boxes to commit electoral fraud,” he said.

Trump held a massive lead in Pennsylvania on election night, at one point above 700,000 votes, but that lead has continually narrowed as more and more Biden ballots are ‘found’ – and some media are now saying Trump will lose the state.



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