Pennsylvania State Representative denounces Dominion for waiving hearings, “Why are they hiding from us?” – Dateway

Representatives from Dominion Voting Systems were scheduled to appear before a Pennsylvania House committee today before abruptly canceling their appearance, raising eyebrows as Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell accuses them of cooperating with regimes Communists to steal millions of votes from President Donald Trump and hand them over to Joe Biden.

Last night it was reported that Dominion would forgo its previous promise to speak to Pennsylvania lawmakers, prompting the Pennsylvania House GOP to declare a press conference where they publicly lifted their demands and concerns about Dominion.

State Representative Seth Grove, who chairs the State Government Committee, told viewers that “members of the State Government Committee were eager to respond publicly to the plethora of accusations against the systems of Dominion’s vote in a format that would have offered open and honest dialogue, “and he” was impressed “by” Dominion’s initial willingness to respond to the charges. “

“It would have made 1.3 million Pennsylvanians comfortable using their machines, including me,” Grove noted. “Thinking Dominion was ready to publicly support its product, which Pennsylvania taxpayers invested millions to buy and that voters trusted with their holy ballots was truly remarkable. I really felt that the Pennsylvanians and the nation could get answers on the veracity of the effectiveness of the Dominion electoral systems.

“Sadly, last night Dominion Voting Systems swore an oath and renounced their commitment to the people of Pennsylvania,” Grove added. Late last night, it was reported that Dominion abruptly canceled his appearance before the Pennsylvania state government committee and was getting legal representation.

“Instead of running into a light of honesty and integrity, Dominion Voting Systems has retreated into obscurity,” Grove said. “Why? Why would a seller of public goods be afraid to discuss his products sold to the public for the public good? If Dominion’s products were successful and working as they are supposed to, why wouldn’t Dominion take advantage of it? opportunity to publicly assess its success? Is it difficult to say: “Our voting machines have worked exactly as promised and are 100% accurate” “

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Grove went on to say that despite his initial willingness to believe the Dominion’s version of history, their behavior added credibility to the accusations made by Powell and Trump’s legal team.

“Why, after weeks of accusations, has Dominion Voting Systems not released to the public an analysis of the success of its voting machines?” Grove continued, “If they have nothing to hide, why are they hiding from us?”

“Today I am saddened to announce to the taxpayers of Pennsylvania and the 1.3 million voters who trusted Dominion Voting Systems with their ballots that Dominion Voting Systems threw you down and slapped you in the face. in the face.

“Not only are Pennsylvanians more skeptical, but the actions of Dominion Voting Systems last night gave credibility to the accusers’ accusations.

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