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People living under the new lockdown rules in Wales have been barred from buying so-called ‘non-essential’ items, which are covered in plastic sheeting in supermarkets.

“Non-essential items are covered in supermarkets in Wales. Has it really come to this? ”Asked reporter Grant Tucker.

The image shows store workers covering what appear to be quilts and other bedding.

Why people should be barred from buying bedding products during a coronavirus lockdown is speculation, but that’s to be expected given how distorted society has been thanks to these petty restrictions.

As we previously pointed out, during the first lockdown in April, a police force in the UK threatened to start searching people’s shopping carts in order to catch coronavirus lockout violators.

Northamptonshire Police Chief Constable Nick Adderley sparked outrage after appearing in a video warning people buying non-essential items at grocery stores that their purchases may be scrutinized by authorities.

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“We will not start at this point to collect supermarkets and check items in baskets and carts to see if it is a legitimate and necessary item, but again, we are under no illusions. , if people ignore the warnings and pleas that I bring today, we’ll start doing it, ”Adderley said.

That same month, a shopper was fined by police for purchasing wine and potato chips, which were considered “non-essential” items.

Residents of Wales are currently under a ‘level 3’ lockdown, meaning people are welcome to stay in their homes, should not visit other households, while pubs, restaurants, gymnasiums, churches and stores deemed “non-essential” are all closed.



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