Pete Buttigieg explains to ‘The View’ why he loves going on Fox News

The five co-hosts of View were in total panic on Election Day morning, but Pete Buttigieg did his best to make them feel better.

“I feel good!” former Democratic presidential candidate and current campaign substitute Biden told them. “Things are definitely going in the right direction. But, like everyone else, I am also very careful about all of this. We have learned our lesson about never being comfortable with results until they are finished.

Buttigieg warned viewers not to think that “something bad” is going on if we don’t have the full results on election night. “It means people do their jobs with integrity and make sure every vote is counted,” he added. “I believe if everyone votes and every vote is counted, our team will win.”

And he also made it clear that President Trump “did not have the power” to stop the vote count. “He can declare whatever he wants, but it is a democratic country and we are counting the votes,” Buttigieg said. “I’m upset that they have this strategy where they go to court in certain states to try to stop some of these votes. By the way, we are talking about military voters sending votes by mail. We are talking about all kinds of legitimate and able-bodied voters. And that’s a strategy you adopt if you think you will win. So it really is a sign of desperation.

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