Peter Navarro excites Trump in Swing States – at taxpayer expense

As President Donald Trump scrambled to hold major swing states accountable for his victory four years earlier, one of his top White House aides got to work to sell the president’s re-election dossier . And he did so at the taxpayer’s expense.

Peter Navarro, director of the White House’s Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, spent the month of October producing half a dozen glossy reports, printed on White House stationery using resources from the federal government, extolling the virtues of Donald Trump’s economic policies. But these were not reports on the general health of the US economy; they were designed to sell the president to residents of six crucial swing states: Florida, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

The reports do not explicitly call on voters to re-elect the president. But Navarro’s office doesn’t appear to have designed them for states that aren’t crucial battlefield competitions on Tuesday. And the political nuances are clear in the language used in the reports.

“The Obama-Biden administration has raised taxes, increased regulation, suppressed the development of American natural resources, reduced the defense budget and failed to crack down on the unfair trade practices of countries like Communist China,” we read in the first sentence of three of the reports. . “The Trump-Pence administration has pursued exactly the opposite policies while pursuing an ‘all job creation is local’ strategy to spur economic growth.”

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