PGA announces it will strip Trump Bedminster Golf Club of 2022 PGA Championship after Capitol Hill chaos

Presidential candidate Donald Trump, right, poses for a selfie with Jonathan Lynch on day two of the Women’s British Open Golf Championship at the Turnberry Golf Course in Turnberry, Scotland on Friday July 31, 2015 (AP Photo / Scott Heppell)

Here we go.
In 2015, Macy’s Stores dumped Trump merchandise after liberal media misreported Donald Trump’s comments about illegal foreigners from Mexico.

Trump hit them hard.

Donald Trump calls for an American boycott of pro-illegal Alien @Macys Stores

Today, Macy’s is struggling to survive.

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On Sunday, the PGA announced it would remove Trump’s Bedminster Club from the 2022 PGA Championship after the chaos on Capitol Hill this week.

Via Pro-Trump News and We Love Trump.

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