Philadelphia police take man into custody in plot to attack vote counting center: reports

Philadelphia Police took at least one man into custody Thursday night in connection with an alleged plot to attack the city’s convention center where the Swing State’s presidential votes are still being counted, according to reports.

An armed group reportedly chased a Virginia Hummer with violent intent. No one has been reported injured and police have not identified the suspect or provided details of the alleged plot. The shows the suspect taken away in handcuffs and the police recover a large gun.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that a Hummer matching the description was seen with stickers related to the QAnon conspiracy movement, including a capital “Q” and “# WWG1WGA”, which -Trump conspiracy theorists use to represent “Where we let’s go one, we’ll all ”- the motto of the group.

QAnon is a groundless, far-right internet conspiracy theory whose increasingly violent adherents claim that a “deep state” of Democratic leaders cannibalize and traffic children and President Trump is fighting them secretly.

As the country anxiously awaits the of the US presidential election, small protests have erupted outside ballot counting locations in vibrant states like Pennsylvania and Arizona. President Trump, who during the run-up to the election repeatedly called on his supporters to personally help guard against voter fraud at polling stations, called for the votes to no longer be counted in Pennsylvania, where he has a slight lead, and continue to be counted. in Arizona, where former Vice President Joe Biden leads. Trump also falsely claimed victory in the election.

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