Philadelphia went Apeshit after delivering Biden to the White House

PHILADELPHIA – As in other cities in America, thousands took to the streets early Saturday to celebrate President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump.

But the celebration in Philly was especially boisterous, both because of the character of a city renowned for its efforts, and because the longtime Democratic stronghold was saved early and often by Trump as a corrupt and corrupt place. broken.

Trump has repeatedly reiterated the legacy of “bad things” happening in Philadelphia during the election campaign, specifically suggested his MAGA cronies watch out for non-existent frauds – which they did, to no effect – and generally did talked shit about a city known for not accepting insults.

Instead of flexing, the home of a vibrant working-class culture perhaps best embodied by a hockey mascot (likely an antifa affiliate), “Gritty,” fueled the growing margin that pushed Biden to the top in Pennsylvania, giving him the presidency.

“In return for saving the nation, Philadelphia humbly asks you to stop bringing up that time we threw snowballs at Santa 60 years ago,” said Lauren Vidas, a Democratic election lawyer here that has been at the heart of the GOP’s legal attempts to stop or the protest vote counts.

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