Plurality of Britons back government spying on people via cell phone tracking to enforce lockdown

A plurality of people in Britain support giving the government the power to spy on people’s movements through cell phone tracking to enforce the lockdown, according to a new poll.

The YouGov poll asked people from several different countries if they supported: “The government in [country name] use people’s mobile phone data to ensure they comply with restrictions on movement outside the home during a lockdown. “

45% of Britons supported the measure against 42% who opposed it.

To put that into perspective, more people are literally supporting giving the state the power to track people’s physical movements in real time by giving them access to GPS triangulation data.

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In Australia, which has experienced one of the toughest lockdowns in the developed world, 62 percent support the measure and only 29 percent oppose it.

When asked if the government should ‘ban handshakes’ 76% of UK respondents supported the idea, with just 13% in opposition.

The YouGov poll results have consistently found that large majorities of the UK population support increasingly draconian government lockdowns, despite new Stanford University research showing lockdowns have no benefit in the market. virus control versus voluntary measures.

Academics from Duke, Harvard and Johns Hopkins have also concluded that there could be around a million more deaths over the next two decades due to the lockdowns.



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