Poem Sankhajit Bhattacharjee 184

Research scientist at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee


This guy travels door to door in search of life,

forcefully enter each house breaking its front door,

`can attack any age without warning.

This guy is the ruthless creature on this earth,

one is a blind and professional criminal,

hunting is his philosophy of life.

This guy is our destiny,

it is the same for the king, the common and the beggars,

one is the ultimatum of all life.

Can you recognize this guy?

Death is my answer.


manatita44 from London on February 23, 2021:

Haha. Soft! You tried to say something that I can appreciate and that will probably resonate with many.

Only I don’t see it that way. I move from my living room, into the bedroom. When I am awake, I go out again. Giggle. Take care of yourself, Bro

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