Police have banned outside doors and locked Trump supporters at Washington hotels – Dateway

Video footage shot in the nation’s capital appears to show a group of Trump supporters locked in their hotel by Metropolitan Police following Wednesday’s protests against certification of electoral votes on Capitol Hill.

As the group of the president’s supporters watched from the hotel lobby, an officer wearing sergeant stripes can be seen pushing a bar between the two entrance doors in an attempt to lock the group to the interior, before waving spectators through a series of windows.

“It’s a risk of !” many can be heard screaming in vain.

“Look what Agent Weinfeld did for us,” one woman said, “he gave us a hazard.”

“Now we can’t go out,” said a man.

The video, posted to Twitter on Friday morning by Vincent James of the Red Elephants, quickly began to go viral.

NY Post confirms our suspicions: aided in the capital’s insurgency by provoking Trump supporters.

As protesters gathered outside the nation’s Capitol building on Wednesday, DC Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser declared a 6 p.m. curfew, ordering to arrest anyone found within a 6-block radius. of the building or its land. Subsequently, Bowser declared a 15-day citywide public emergency, the use of martial law for the remainder of President Trump’s term.

According to a report by AJ Cooke of National File, Bowser’s plans to set up an arrest ray came out a window following the police shooting of Ashlee Babbitt, a protester had entered the building of the United States Capitol after Capitol Hill police opened the doors to the building, inviting a large group of protesters inside.

In the that followed, a Capitol Police officer was hit on the head with a extinguisher, resulting in his death.

The Metropolitan Police Department responded to Capitol Hill, eventually deploying tear gas at protesters gathered outside.

Bowser’s Metropolitan Police Department’s response to the unrest has been questioned by conservatives across the country, have attempted to compare and contrast the mayor’s response to the long-term violence instigated in the city by members of Black Lives Matter and last summer. Some have also suggested that agitator members of both militant groups were responsible for inciting violence on Capitol Hill after infiltrating the crowd.

Previously, Bowser had offered his support to the far-left movement Black Lives Matter, renaming a stretch of NW 16th Street “Black Lives Matter Plaza” in honor of the group, while repeatedly criticizing President Trump and his supporters. .

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